WATCH: Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities

In our series of organization design videos, we present you real org design issues and real solutions that we encounter and solve over our 27 years in business completing over 400+ redesigns globally across many industries. In this video, we focus on the shortcomings of "clarifying roles & responsibilities" – a mantra repeated daily in businesses around the globe.


Clarifying Roles & Responsibilities


  • People complaining that others don’t know what they are doing

Tradition Ineffective Fixes (Road to Nowhere)

  • Update RACI’s (Responsibilities, Accountabilities)
  • Tell people what to do
  • Train people

Root Causes

  • Fragmented work; not joined up
  • Insufficient glue usually in the form of info sharing
  • Unstandardized work

Effective Solution to Higher Performance

  • Bring cross-boundary teams together
  • Illustrate the end-2-end work
  • Using real work examples, identify where pass-offs exist and work breaks down
  • Add work or standardize upstream and downstream work
  • Insert strong glue as the work is interdependent at pass-offs
  • Clarify decision-making authority (51% / 49%)

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