Mark LaScola Among the First Certified Organization Design Professionals

Mark LaScola was granted certification by the Organization Design Community’s (ODC’s) Certification Program for Organization Design Professionals (CODP) for his professional accomplishments and expertise in organization design.

PHOENIX, USA – MARCH 30, 2018 – Local business Leader and organization design expert Mark LaScola, Managing Principal of Phoenix-based ON THE MARK, has achieved certification by the Certification Program for Organization Design Professionals (CODP). Certification distinguishes LaScola from many others by delivering the highest quality of cross-industry solutions to clients as determined by an independent, external process of evaluation.

Status as a Certified Organization Design Professional means that LaScola has met globally recognized standards for certification. Criteria for certification includes recognition of his achievement of planning and executing over 400 organization design projects around the globe over the last 28 years, investing thousands of hours doing this work, and fulfilling a set of organization design education courses and/or conferences.

The CODP program is a joint venture of three of the premier Organization Design Professional communities: Organizational Design Community (ODC), European Organisation Design Forum (EODF) and Organization Design Forum (ODF).

LaScola stands among the first Certified Organization Design Professionals of the program. Not all individual organization design professionals seek certification; not all that undergo the evaluation process are approved for certification.

"This certification means a lot to me for two reasons," stated LaScola. "Doing this kind of work is both my professional calling and my life’s work. Additionally, it’s been a goal of mine to establish a set of global standards in this field that is embraced across multiple professional organizations, while serving to distinguish competent practitioners, researches and professors from the masses."

After completing an interdisciplinary Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, Mark LaScola founded ON THE MARK (OTM) in 1990 using his background in systems theory as it applies to human systems and processes. Since starting OTM, he has personally completed over 300 redesigns, trained and developed over 5,000 executives, managers and internal change agents in OTM’s solution and has co-authored OTM’s Organization Design solution – one of the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated solutions. His work in organization design spans a diverse range of industries on five continents, in over 30 countries for some of the world’s most successful companies.

In business for 28 years, OTM is a global leader in collaborative organization design and business transformation. With offices in both the USA and UK, OTM’s projects vary greatly from a single local, state or country projects to regional to truly global projects. OTM delivers the industry’s most integrated, comprehensive and holistic solutions for collaborative business transformation.

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OTM’s experience and passion for collaborative business transformation that’s supported by pragmatism, systems thinking, and a belief in people is unparalleled. OTM has been in business for 28 years and is a global leader in organization design consulting.

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