Org Design Digest - May 2019

May Org Design Wisdom: "The only way to get real change is redesigning the Operating Model – anything less is cosmetic…" - Mark LaScola

may honors digestIt is essential to not confuse “strategic design” with real change. While this work is important and it’s a step in the right direction, if stopped there, leaders ultimately just change organization charts – as if that leads to real, substantive change. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Working at the operating model level is essentially impacting work, jobs, decisions, governance, management and power. We have followed up numerous “strategic redesign” projects by reputable firms only to find an unfinished design with staff struggling to make sense of a world made up of at least of two operating models. With 400+ operating model modernizations under our belt, the OTM difference is the experience of redesigning and implementing operating models through behavior change. Anything less is cosmetic. A big thank you goes to The Organization Design Forum for inviting Mark LaScola, Managing Principal of OTM, and Kellye Testy, CEO of LSAC, to present LSAC's operating model at the 2019 Conference in Seattle!

Upcoming Events

OTM Webinar: You Don’t Have to be Agile to be agile; Designing Flexibility and Speed into Your Operating Model

Thurs., 30 May, 2019 - 10 am PST/7pm CET

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agile webinar

Presented by Mark LaScola, Managing Principal and Peter Turgoose, OTM Senior Consultant.

Date: Thursday, 30 May

Start Time: 10PM PST and PHX time/6PM UK time/7PM CET/10PM Dubai time/5PM Melbourne time

Length: 75 mins

Executive Briefings

An intimate executive roundtable aimed at C-Level Executives and Senior Leaders led by Mark LaScola, Managing Principal, and Dan Schmitz, consultant, of ON THE MARK.

otm executive briefings

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Date: Mon, 10 June, 2019

Start Time: 11AM-1PM PDT


Date: Tuesday, 11 June, 2019

Start Time: 8AM-10AM MDT with Breakfast

Industry Presentation: Organization Design and Executive Leadership

Tues., 11 June 2019 - 3PM MDT


Event Information: An operating model enables an organization to compete effectively. It expresses an organization’s competitive strategy. It supports the development and delivery of required strategic capability. It shapes behavior and decision-making processes. It is a strategic, priority issue that is increasingly landing on the desk of the CEO.

Attendees will leave this session having gained:

  • A deeper appreciation for what organization design is and is not
  • Substantive considerations of the role that HR can play
  • An understanding of the key differences and outcomes differentiating expert-led design from process-led design
  • A practical understanding of the most significant mistakes made today when changing an operating model

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when to use agile methodology in an operating model

When to Use Agile Methodology in an Operating Model

Peter Turgoose

Originally finding popularity as a concept in the tech space, ‘agile’ has evolved to be a commonplace buzzword among the wider audiences of HR, management, and consulting. Read more...

designing a new target operating modelWhen You Should Design a New Target Operating Model


Peter Turgoose

In early 2019, ON THE MARK (OTM) ran Executive Briefings on both sides of the Atlantic on the theme of When to Know It’s Time to Modernise Your Operating Model – Real Stories from the Frontline.

OTM Team Member Spotlight: Crystal Meeker, Business Analyst

Crystal Meeker

Crystal started with ON THE MARK in September of 2017, joining us as our Business Analyst. She has her MBA with an emphasis on Business Intelligence. She is also currently pursuing her Doctorate in Data Analytics.

She has 20+ years of financial and analytic experience within major corporations (Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa, SuperValu) across multiple industries as well as the nonprofit world. She mines, interprets, and presents data in ways that allow decision makers the ability to make informed, insightful, and intuitive decisions. Crystal has two fabulous teenagers and spends most of her time attending their band or theater events.

In her spare time, she enjoys oil painting, considers herself a foodie, and adores her beloved beagle; Copper. Lastly, she is always ready for a road trip, and she has a keen sense of humor!

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