Org Design Digest - June 2019

June Org Design Wisdom: "Build or buy? Cobbling together a set of activities, adopting a framework or model and stamping an organization design title on it oversimplifies the solution AND entirely misses the nuance, decisions, trade-offs, challenges and risks associated with this work. Doing an activity is not the same as knowing how to use it." - Mark LaScola

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Organization Design Solution: The Build or Buy Decision (or Why HR Re-Invents Sliced Bread)

The adage, “re-invent sliced bread” conjures up all kinds of images and musings. It applies perfectly to the build or buy question associated with an Organization Design, particularly concerning the internal HR Function.

Organization Design is a complex business solution involving the complete re-design, implementation and governance of an operating model that fits with an intended business direction and strategy. It goes well beyond people in jobs and their reporting relationships. An operating model is required in any business to bring the business model to life. Organization Design incorporates over 50 years of documented science and proven best practices from behavioral- and neuro-sciences, industrial engineering, human factors and business.

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Upcoming Events

Seattle Executive Briefing

An intimate executive round-table aimed at C-Level Executives and Senior Leaders led by Mark LaScola, Managing Principal of ON THE MARK. Limited to 12 seats.

otm executive briefings

Mon., 10 June, 11AM-1PM PDT

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Colorado Springs SHRM: Organization Design and Executive Leadership


Tues., 11 June 2019 - 3PM MDT

Event Information: An operating model enables an organization to compete effectively. It expresses an organization’s competitive strategy. It supports the development and delivery of required strategic capability. It shapes behavior and decision-making processes. It is a strategic, priority issue that is increasingly landing on the desk of the CEO.

Attendees will leave this session having gained:

  • A deeper appreciation for what organization design is and is not
  • Substantive considerations of the role that HR can play
  • An understanding of the key differences and outcomes differentiating expert-led design from process-led design
  • A practical understanding of the most significant mistakes made today when changing an operating model

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OTM Webinar: Collective Genius: Leveraging The Power Of Group Work For Better Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Sustained Action

Weds., 24 July, 2019 - 8AM PDT

Presented by: Mark LaScola and Dennis Skinner - Master Facilitators with over 65 years of combined experience in solving real business problems and achieving big results.

Date: Wednesday, 24 July // Length: 75 mins

Start Time: 8 AM PDT, 9 AM MDT, 11 AM EDT, 3 PM GMT, & 7 PM Dubai time Thursday, July 25th at 1 AM Melbourne time

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Recent OTM Article

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OTM Team

In these five agile articles, consultants from the ON THE MARK team provide insight on the development of agile and its application in various areas of an organization. Read more...

operating model transformationTime for an Operating Model Transformation? 6 Points To Consider

Mark LaScola

A well-articulated business model is also vital for attracting investment. But what’s too often overlooked is an equally critical concept — the operating model.

OTM Team Member Spotlight: Dennis Skinner

dennis skinner

Dennis has been part of the ON THE MARK team as a senior consultant for over 10 years now, participating in multiple design projects. It is a partnership he keeps coming back to, due to the unmatched quality of OTM’s design methodology, the caliber and camaraderie of OTM’s team, and the fun and satisfaction of seeing the impact of the work we do for such a diverse portfolio of appreciative clients.

For almost 20 years, Dennis has described himself as a professional facilitator, designing and leading collaborative group work to solve complex problems, design innovative products, and build effective teams.

He cut his teeth as an industrial engineer and software developer at Intel, where he ultimately spent 24 years leading organizations in product planning, internet marketing, corporate materials, and IT. Dennis discovered his passion for facilitation and organization effectiveness when he founded an internal collaboration capability at Intel called the Accelerated Results Center, enabling organizations to solve persistent problems, plan large-scale programs, develop strategic plans, and re-design organizations through immersive facilitated offsite workshops.

When he’s not designing and facilitating, Dennis enjoys reading business books, consuming personality assessments like popcorn (he is a certified Gallup Clifton Strengths coach), taking long walks, consuming good food and wine, and spending time with his family.

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