Team Member Spotlight: Dallin Whitfield

Dallin Whitfield joined ON THE MARK as a Support Consultant in August 2018 with a degree in Business Law from Arizona State University.

Meet Dallin Whitfield, Support Consultant

What does your day-to-day look like?

People ask with such puzzlement and curiosity when I describe my line of work. Consulting is quite a broad term and could be used to reference an infinite amount of industries and functions. While technical consulting and financial consulting are pretty straight forward, any time I tell people that I am in the business of organization design consulting they immediately think of me as an interior designer picking out the best furniture at Ikea.

I am eager on sharing my experiences and learnings as I continue my journey of completing my first year with ON THE MARK. 

Give us a bit of your background before joining OTM.

Brief background on me: I started with ON THE MARK recently in August 2018 after working for a law firm here in Phoenix, Arizona. I received my BA in Business Law and was initially very keen on attending law school and eventually practicing law with a focus on international trade, corporate governance, and mergers & acquisitions. With these intentions in mind, my interests started to shift away from the legal side of business systems to the actual business systems themselves. This shifted interest then led me to ON THE MARK. 

During the interview process I started doing my research about ON THE MARK and about organization design in general because the subject is not directly covered comprehensively in many university courses. Undergraduate classes are primarily focused on particular areas like marketing, accounting, etc... with little focus on business operations and structure of how particular areas actually tie together in a business. The work I have been doing for months now at ON THE MARK has been in an action learning environment as I start to truly understand the role and the industry we operate in.  

What has your role looked like, so far?

On paper, my role as support consultant is to manage projects end-to-end, occasionally complete administrative tasks and to support our senior consultants with operational tasks like setting up workshops and documentation of various works. While all those things are a huge part of the job, the underlying purpose of being a support consultant is to develop the necessary skills and experience needed to be an effective consultant. That being said, learning is an integral part of the job, not only during work hours but independent learning through various books, videos, and training.

Luckily I am surround by very knowledgeable experts on my team and they have directed me toward some great material to learn from such as books from Jay Galbraith on organization design and Eric Trist on sociotechnical systems, videos on system’s thinking from Dr. Russell Ackoff and Dr. Edwards Deming, toolkits on subjects like whole-scale change, and trainings on group facilitation to name a few things that have been provided to me. 

In my first quarter of being at ON THE MARK I have been involved in projects on new strategy development and deployment, implementation of a new operating model, analysis of current operating models, and various other stemming projects. During these projects I have been involved right in the action of it and involved in all the problem solving and planning, which is a really unique experience you can’t find everywhere. Not only have I learned a lot from these experiences, I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. From working with my team to solving complicated problems to working with exceptional clients, it has surely been a wonderful experience thus far at ON THE MARK. 

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about what it is I do at OTM. If you have anything specific, you would like to know or have any questions please feel free to email me at

Dallin Whitfield is a Support Consultant at ON THE MARK. OTM is a boutique organization design firm with offices in the UK and US. Its experience and passion for collaborative business transformation is supported by pragmatism, systems thinking, and a belief in people.

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