Big Data is "Moneyball" on Steroids

Big Data: "Moneyball" on Steroids
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One of OTM's past Senior Consultants, Evan Berrett, was busy looking into the impact of Big Data on Organization Design. We're pleased to share the full whitepaper with you.  Much has been written about Big Data but in our experience this has concentrated too much on the undoubted upside of having access to the wealth of data, and it's neglected its impact on the organization's design.

Evan concludes: "The effective redesign of an organization that has data analytics in its DNA will see its culture shift to one which is agile and proactively driving performance from analytics; an organization that both knows and acts ahead of its competitors."

Evan explores how big data and data analytics change how organizations behave and are designed. The paper highlights the importance of designing organizations ‘to purpose’, despite growing data complexity, and offers important insights and perspectives for leaders and organization design practitioners as they face the inevitable future task of transforming and redesigning organizations to thrive, given the rise of Big Data and analytics.

Read the Full Whitepaper Here

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